Getting Started With Motion Blur

After a year where due to getting a new job and moving house, I am finally getting back into photography and have decided to try to get to some Motor Races as it should hopefully be a good opportunity to take some pictures.

In anticipation of that I spent a few hours at Oulton Park at a track day to get some practice in and managed to take a few pictures with Motion Blur present

Synscan 2402

Review of Synscan AZ Goto Mount

Thanks to the skies clearing up I managed to get a good 4 hours of observing in using my new mount. During this time I looked at a number of targets, changed the batteries and come across a few flaws in the design. The most important question is though is it worth buying?


First Impressions of Synscan AZ autotracking mount

I managed to do a brief test yesterday evening (23/02/13) of my new Synscan AZ autotracking mount, in a half hour clear spell before the clouds returned and my initial impressions were positive, as a quick test on Jupiter demonstrated it could be tracked for at least 15 seconds without noticeable star trails or field rotation.